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EpochBG's Blog - Building and Managing Successful Online Stores

Before You ask for a Review of Your Online Store Because of No Sales or Traffic

We get a lot of requests to review client’s and or potential client’s online stores to improve their financial performance. A common conversation then takes place to discuss the path that request will take.Number 1: There is really no point in discussing marketing changes/improvement options IF the following three criteria have NOT been achieved no matter what kind of traffic you have or what great marketing campaign you are running:Customer Education – Why should the customer buy from you? Why shouldn’t the customer buy your product, or a product very similar to your product, on Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, Ebay,...

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Do You Know What You Don't Know

Do you know the difference between the $29/month plan and the $79/month plan on Shopify? I have clients that don't get the significance between the two plans so I'm blasting out a general email to Shopify stores explaining.(1) From a financial point of view if you don't have $16,700 / month in online sales or $25,000 / month in POS sales you're not benefiting from a $79/month assuming you're using the Shopify Gateway payment system. If you're using a non-Shopify gateway then the breakeven is $5,000/month in sales.(2) If you are using the $29/month plan your abandoned cart recovery notification...

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No Traffic No Sales No Problem

Ok…  So you built a website and maybe are on Amazon as well.  But you and most other small brands out there have yet to achieve traffic and sales for your E-commerce store.Lack of traffic has nothing really to do with sales.Lack of Traffic is: reflective of marketing reach getting a hold of your true customer creating a driving reason to come to the store in the first place Developing AND executing a marketing plan should be your primary objective, which is a major undertaking.  Social Media, brand messaging, connecting with your targeted customer and so on are the action...

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How To Perform A Google Analytics Audit For Your Ecommerce Site

Accurate Google Analytics (GA) data is the first step to making smarter business decisions, reducing costs, and learning more about the products and services you sell on your e-commerce site.   But do you trust your current Google Analytics data? If not, it’s time to learn how to perform an audit of your setup. As someone who has worked on hundreds of Analytics profiles, I get to see many different approaches to GA setup, and the problems faulty setups cause when it comes to making informed marketing decisions. As the saying goes, it’s typically garbage in, garbage out.  One important note:...

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