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What EpochBG resolves setting you up on Shopify:

  • Which base Shopify subscription model to chose from and why.
  • Which Shopify template to use, setup, and why.
  • Setting all Shopify's back-end account settings.
  • Setting up SEO and Backlinks.
  • Setting product variants properly.
  • Optimizing call-to-action and minimizing click-to-cart. 
  • Setting all the sales channels properly.
  • Which Shopify and 3rd party apps to use and why.
  • Customize Shopify font and color schemes to match your customer demographics.
  • How to tweak the Shopify .liquid files and why.
  • When to embed photo/video and when to link photo/video.
  • How to become integrated with Amazon FBA.
  • Setting up Google Analytics and Webmaster on Google's back-end properly.
  • Setting up on Google Merchant Center via Shopify to Enable Google Shopping.
  • Setting up Social Media (fb, Pinterest, etc) stores and Social Media Buy Buttons.

Not having the above done in a competent and professional manner will just result in a website that does not generate sales even if it does generate traffic. Most e-commerce sites, whether on Shopify, Squarespace, GoDaddy, etc suffer from this.

And importantly we can provide marketing and advertising services after your Shopify store is up and running.

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How Long Does it Take to Build a Shopify Store?

After you fill out our questionnaire, a basic store can be completed is roughly a half of day.  A basic Shopify store is a landing page, about us page, contact us page, Privacy page, Terms of Service page, Returns Page and blog.  Google Analytics, Search Console (google webmaster tools) and a google merchant account are all set up.  Payment systems are set up.  Total time to set up a Shopify store is highly dependent on the number of product SKU's you have and how you want to organize those SKU's.