Typica Issues Found On E-Commerce Sites

Epoch BG's experience when reviewing E-commerce sites on platforms like Shopify for the first time typically have one or more of the following issues that can lessen the customer experience resulting in lower sales:
 • Non-responsive design platform for smartphone and tablets, particularly on WIX and Woo Commerce • Fonts and Color Schemes not matching the desired customer demographic.  We see a lot of light colored text on a white background which is difficult to read at best. 
• Site does not convey contact information well. No company address, phone number, email, etc.  Having a Gmail or Yahoo business email address does not convey a professional appearance. • Customer trust is not developed. No privacy, returns/refunds, terms of service pages developed.  No phone number, email address or physical business address provided. 
• URL is odd as it appears on customer browser • No favicon
• Shipping expectation by the customer not being met.  Free shipping has become the norm in the USA. • Non-domain email account shown (@gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail, etc)
• Product titles and descriptions are not optimal • SSL not activated
• Slow page load • Image files not high quality and not optimized
• No or broken social media links • Site content has mis-spellings and grammatical errors
• Limited payment options • Mandatory pop-ups reducing customer experience
• Site just isn’t simple, clear and easy to use… A monument built to the site owner and not for the customer. • Keywords for SEO not optimal.  Keywords not selected using data from sites like google trends.
• Google analytics/webmaster/merchant center accounts not set-up correctly and or not being utilized. • Low quality and or low number of Backlinks